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Lean baby lean! Angles and water level. Idea beautifully executed.

Exquisite design!


Lean baby lean! Angles and water level. Idea beautifully executed.

Exquisite design!

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My Flickr, Going Offline

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Sadly, last night I had to turn off the My Flickr servers & shutdown my My Flickr app which has been my software development baby since I created it 3 and a half years ago using PHP+MySQL when Facebook first opened up apps in Summer 2007.

My Flickr has been a FREE app, totally donation + ad driven; however, it has not been producing enough revenue to pay for the cost of web hosting to serve all you ~450,000 lovely users and ~46,000 fans. Facebook has made many changes over the past year which has made it difficult to monetize applications (e.g. no more profile boxes & tabs).

Why did you start My Flickr? Here’s what I said in my previous post:

I started My Flickr in May 2007 (this blog in 2008) with the intent of sharing my Flickr photos and photosets with friends and family on Facebook. I firmly believe that we, photographers, do not want to upload our photos twice, especially to a place like Facebook where we lose rights to our own photos.

Additionally, as of late, the app had also begun to suffer from scalability issues as it grew well beyond my wildest dreams of a simple new photos notifier & Flickr portfolio wall box on Facebook. When Facebook added profile app Tabs, My Flickr was there with version 3.0. With My Flickr v4.0, I released an ambitious update touting new features which you, the users, suggested such as: view larger Flickr photos, photostream, photosets within Facebook & Facebook photo commenting. While these new features were a hit for us users, it also slammed the server hard, and basic functionality began to be impaired. Time to work on My Flickr dwindled during my last semesters at college (I graduated May 2010. YAY!) forcing me to go back to the basics.

In the future, I do plan to bring back several of My Flickr’s features as well as develop some new ideas “a-brewing” in a simpler, definitely scalable fashion.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience that this causes you, friends, family, fans, or clients.

Thank you for supporting the My Flickr app & my endeavors over the past few years! It has been an exciting, challenging, intriguing, learning, & enjoyable experience developing this app.

Don’t go anywhere! I’ll still be here! Please follow the My Flickr App blog ( for updates, classy Flickr photos, and tips & tricks about sharing your life through photos on Flickr & Facebook.

-Kaleb Fulgham

P.S. - Hint #1: Flickr can be “extended” to automatically post updates directly to your Facebook profile! Link & help here.

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My Flickr, Postmortem Facebook User Tabs

Do your profile pages look a tad different? There are no more custom User Profile Tabs, like “Cute Little Puppies” tab or more importantly the “My Flickr" tab.

On Friday, Facebook removed all custom Tabs from every User Profile Page, citing infrequent use in all apps (via: FB Developer Blog - Platform Updates). This is sad news for us, Flickr users, who love to share our photos with friends within the comforts of our profile. It is important to note that the “Business/Fan” Pages will retain custom tabs functionality! In June of this year, Facebook removed Profile Boxes from our profiles. How will we share our Causes now? Flood our friends’ news feeds with links? I hope not.

I started My Flickr in May 2007 (this blog in 2008) with the intent of sharing my Flickr photos and photosets with friends and family on Facebook. I firmly believe that we, photographers, do not want to upload our photos twice, especially to a place like Facebook where we lose rights to our own photos.

Where do we go from here?

Moving on without the ability to add My Flickr to our Info Tab (yeah, they silently cut that functionality), Profile Tab, or Wall Tab, let’s go over some possible alternatives.

  1. User action: Add one’s Flickr photos link ( to one’s Profile information (well, duh. I did that).
  2. Add a “My Flickr” Facebook photo album with a single image pointing to either a My Flickr landing page (similar to how the Profile Tab functioned) OR directly to your Flickr photos page.
  3. Add a “My Flickr” Facebook photo album that has small images associated with and linked to each Flickr photoset.
  4. Automatically create a News Feed story whenever one posts a new photo to Flickr and link to either a My Flickr landing page or directly to one’s Flickr photos page.

I publish 90% of my photos as “publicly viewable” on Ultimately, I want to notify my friends that I’ve uploaded some new photos and for them to go see them on Flickr!

Is this your case too or do you have them private / protected & only want friends & family (thus, Facebook friends) able to view, comment (within Facebook & not viewable on Flickr), share, & print the larger photos?

Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them here!

Help keep My Flickr alive! Donate a buck or two through PayPal

P.S. Dear Facebook,
   User content like our Flickr photos is still relevant 5 days after we post them to our news feed thus the reason why we had Profile Boxes & Tabs displaying our creative work.
-My Flickr users

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Back To The Basics

Time for My Flickr to shift back to the basics!

Over the past year, the number of people and Facebook Pages using My Flickr has grown tremendously, and, for that, I say, Thank You! At the writing of this post, My Flickr has +390,000 monthly active users and almost 20,000 fans. It is running completely on your support through both PayPal donations and minimal ads.

My Flickr, which I started developing as soon as Facebook revealed its app platform in May 2007, has grown to accomplish the following features:

  1. Display exactly the photos a user wants according to searches (simple to advanced)
  2. Showcase up to three custom searches of a user’s Flickr photos and photosets in a huge My Flickr tab in their Facebook profile
  3. Broadcast updates about a user’s latest Flickr photo uploads to their news feed
  4. Display larger versions of a user’s photos to their Facebook friends
  5. Allow Facebook friends to comment on Flickr photos within Facebook without needing a Flickr account!

However, as of January 12, 2010, the latter two features (4 & 5) have been disabled until further notice, bringing My Flickr back to the basics. I’ll explain.

One of the biggest complaints & concerns voiced by My Flickr’s users included ME, is that navigating around the My Flickr app became extremely slow and sometimes just failed to load. Anyone? Yes. Something needed to be done. I began tweaking & re-factoring the code here and there as much as I could and made some progress; nevertheless, the increasing load from the number of excited users and their Facebook friends taking advantage of the sweet new Photostream & commenting features became to much for our server to handle.

What do people on Facebook most want to do with their Flickr photos?
First, automatically notify their friends & family when they upload new photos. Secondly, showcase & share photos taken with those who view their profile! The basics.

My Flickr desires to accomplish those two tasks and execute them well.

This past semester (senior year!) was definitely the most involved and busiest of my scholastic career. I learned Objective-C programming & even created UH Guide, an iPhone application for the University of Houston (download here). I had no free time to work on My Flickr’s growing load problems.

As I mentioned, both viewing and commenting on larger versions of one’s photos within My Flickr is disabled until further notice. Don’t worry though, Facebook friends who click on a user’s photo or photosets will continue to be directed to the appropriate Flickr pages to view them in full glory! During my free time this last semester, I’ll be working on ways to continue to improve the basics in the My Flickr Facebook application as well as ways to re-enable the other features.

-Kaleb Fulgham

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Adding the Box to a Facebook Page

This short tutorial follows my Adding & Managing with Facebook Pages post.

It seems that Facebook Pages always get the shaft when it comes to usability on Facebook.

Assuming that the admin of “A+ Scholars” have already added the My Flickr app to the fake Facebook Page, “A+ Scholars,” with the ID:39704393888, let’s dive into adding the My Flickr Box to our Page.

First, visit and click “Edit Page” under the “A+ Scholars” page. Second, scroll down to the “My Flickr” entry under Applications. Third, click the pencil button to open a drop-down menu and click “Application Settings.”

A dialog box entitled “Edit My Flickr Settings” should pop-up. Click the (add) link next to Box:.

Facebook should have added the My Flickr box to the Boxes tab on the “A+ Scholars” Facebook Page. The admin of “A+ Scholars” wants My Flickr to be a bit more prominent and decides to move the Box to the primary Wall tab. The admin visits his page, clicks to the Boxes tab, clicks the pencil on the My Flickr box, and clicks “Move to Wall tab.”

Now, the admin of “A+ Scholars” can go Configure what to display in the My Flickr box using an easy, customizable search.

Final product after moving the Box to the Wall tab:

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